Month: August 2015

WTF? Film Review: Voyage To Agatis (Reise nach Agatis) 2010


Marian Dora’s ‘Voyage to Agatis’ is only for fans of extreme horror.

In the German director’s classic style (demonstrated to the max in Melancholie Der Engel), this is another really horrible/ugly story told with the hypnotic beauty he’s made his trademark.

A good, if simple plot: A hapless young woman named Lisa (Janna Lisa Dombrowsky) embarks on a one-way trip with depraved dysfunctional couple Raphael and Isabell (played by Thomas Goersch, and Tatjana Mueller). What starts off as seemingly a pleasant (and kinky) sea cruise suddenly degenerates into a violent nightmare.

Great subtle camera work, great acting from all 3 leads, Lots of creepy atmosphere to this. Lovely scenery—sea/coastal shots—too.

Wonderful soundtrack too. Really gorgeous music to the madness.

A worthy point of note: This movie was filmed in 3 days (yes, 3) on a budget of less than $15,000 dollars ??? (Yes, less than 15 grand—some reports say 10 grand). That in itself makes this a major achievement.

Little else to say about it, except, if you like extreme horror, you’ll likely enjoy this . . . if not, please steer WELL CLEAR, else you’re certain to wind up VERY offended. With Voyage to Agatis, there’s unlikely to be middle ground.

S’Nuff Said.