Month: July 2015

WTF Movie Review: Tokyo Gore Police (2008).

TokyoGorePolice_poster_01Okay, folks, make no mistake, this movie is . . . weirrrd to the max. Completely messed up.   I mean, seriously.

The film’s basic concept of the future privatization of Japan’s police force, is somewhat similar to that of Robocop, except that here there’s no Robocop.

What you have instead are the sort of police force you generally only desire to meet in your dreams . . . your bad dreams. Execution on the spot (okay, in a dark alley) for groping? Groping? Now I mean, I’m completely against anyone grabbing parts of ladies’ anatomy on the train without their permission, but to have both arms cut off for it?  🙂


And if that type of justice looks/sounds bad, the criminals are way worse:

Meet the big bad guy Engineer:


What the bad guy (or one of his good friends) did:


Now, she’s definitely not the lady you want to meet when you’re down and out: vlcsnap-2015-07-13-22h31m32s216

And, ah yes, the ‘walking on blades’ swordswoman:


Now trust me, this selection of pictures is really just the tip of the iceberg of the madness Tokyo Gore Police contains.

IMHO, it’s rather odd how this movie isn’t more popular amongst aficionados of weird films. It’s not, for instance, as well-known or loved as say, The Machine Girl (which is from the same film company Fever Dreams), and you’ll likely wonder about that after watching it.

My one real disappointment with this movie? I really wish Eihi Shina (who plays lead actress Ruka) had smiled a bit more . . . Or actually, had smiled at all.

Okay, here she is in TGP:


Now here she is at her beautiful, creepy, psychotic best in Audition:


The difference is like . . . But director Yoshihiro Nishimura had his reasons, I guess.  🙂

It’s a good solid story, though. While she’s still a teen, Ruka’s dad get’s messily killed for being against police force privatization and she grows up to be a cop in his place. Meanwhile, there’s the shadowy group of ‘Engineer’ mutants who seem intent on causing as much societal chaos as possible. Ruka is an Engineer hunter, and of course she’s about to discover lots of stuff she’d rather not know . . .

So, this is definitely one to watch. For Japanese-movie craziness and over the top gore it’s almost impossible to top.

8/10 if only for the amped-up craziness alone.