Month: April 2015

Two New Books!

Bizarro 101 Front Cover Agency Font First, Bizarro 101:

Welcome to the strange place:

A collection of 37 flash fiction stories designed to introduce one to the Bizarro/New Weird Genre.

Weird, dreamy, nightmarish, absurd, sad, surreal, humorous . . . this collection of tales is all this and more.

Welcome once again to the strange place, everyone . . . the very strange place.

Bizarro 101 Amazon link

And then, The Fly Queen:

THE FLY QUEEN__ cover 1When a gangster’s moll and a suitcase full of his money go missing from a party, he hires Boston PI Tori Frame to locate both. He suspects both his money and mistress to now be down in The Groad.

Tori Frame’s very familiar with The Groad: It’s where she does her best work.

The Groad is that part of Hell transformed by Bizarro, the impossible underworld existing beneath Boston, MA. The Groad is a universe of subterranean corridors, chambers, and caverns, and is the residence of some very strange creatures. It’s where the weird meets the infernal with devastating results.

Clearly, Tori Frame already has her work cut out for her underground. Only now, with the arrival on the scene of the beautiful and strange Mrs. Musca, this case is about to become VERY complicated . . .

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