Month: January 2013

WTF? Album Covers: ‘Back to the Shit’.

Millie Jackson – Back to the Shit.

Okay everyone, so now you KNOW what a beautiful woman looks like straining on the crapper.   She does seem to be in quite some pain though.

After  the grave, the loo is the great equalizer.

Ah yes, it worked.   Millie’s relief is almost palpable.  She’s smiling!  There’s nothing like success, even if it’s just in forcing that stubborn turd out.  Those high concert notes will be that much easier to hit now.

This is one of my favorite album covers ever.

(And why  hasn’t  any cereal manufacturer considered using this cover in  a ‘benefits of a high-fiber diet’ commercial?)

Fast forward a few years to Naomi Campbell updating us on the other thing supermodels use the loo for.

And now, moving things along:   In my book ”Invasion of the Ass Chickens’, Alicia Van Dumpty has two sets of buttocks and has to use a double toilet when she needs to go, but what if you only had half an ass?

Thankfully, this album cover covers that eventuality.

Okay, I’ll round it off for good with the album cover which more or less launched ‘toilet art’:  Beggar’s Banquet by the Stones.  Good thing no one thought of showing Mick voiding himself.

Ha . . . Ha . . . Ha  (LOL in slow motion).

Hell Whore.

Happy New Year Everyone.

My story ‘Who Fucked Up Kelly Yesterday’ is  part of Horrified Press’ upcoming anthology, ‘Hell Whore: An Anthology of Devilish Women.’  The anthology is out on February 28.
Here’s the cover:

hell whore cover (Farm Post)

Odd thing–the cover model actually looks like I envisioned Kelly Yesterday to.
Nuff Said.