WTF? Filmwatch: Rubber

Kind of fitting writing my next movie post about director Quentin Depieux’s movie ‘Rubber’, since my last was about Shozin Fukui’s ‘Rubber’s Lover’.  LOL.

Great movie this.  Period.  If you’re into surrealist stuff that is.  If you’re not into surrealista, I guarantee you another day at the WTF movie convention, puking into popcorn bags from Hollywood-induced existential boredom.  So what else is new?

There’s a lot to LOVE about this film.  For one thing the tire which rolls around killing everyone looks great.  Seriously, the CGI animation on that tire is second to none.  Word (not Microsoft).

Okay, so normally you’d say the monsters are great or the explosions, but here it’s the TIRE, seriously.  What I mean is—it looks just like a regular tire, which is the point.  You don’t for one minute suspect this isn’t a regular tire you’re watching.  Which is what makes it so ridiculous,  He he he.

Plot’s great also.  Makes great absurd sense (if that phrase makes any sense to you).

Anyhow, Rubber’s a great watch.

Nuff Said.

I was going to show some stills from the movie, but the different cover posters are so much more entertaining.

Utterly LOVE these posters.

Okay, changed my mind.  Here are two stills:

Don’t f*n ask.  But yes, that is a fashion mannequin.  And . . .

Tire Hell?  Our psycho killer tire certainly thinks so.

One comment

  1. Excellent film through and through. My only complaint (and it’s a minor one) was the framing device, which seemed unnecessary to me at first. Eventually, however, I came to accept this conceit – How else would the average filmgoer understand?

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