WTF? Filmwatch: Rubber’s Lover (1997)

When does a mad scientist go too far?
Okay, dumb question right? The essence of mad science is taking matters too far.
That’s why you’re a MAD scientist–it’s in your gene-ius to do gloriously f*cked-up mad sh*t.
Like . . . wait for it . . . injecting your slightly-less-mad co-researcher Shimika (whose research you intend stealing) with ether in order to make him develop mental superpowers.
C’mon guys–ether?

This is one of those films you watch for specific moments. It’s weirrrd as f*ck for large portions and drags in others. The insane bits however make it worth the watch.

Believe it or not, this guy Motomiya is giving a lecture on the muscle groupings of the upper body.

And apparently in 1997, mad scientist sex toys looked like this.

And if you’ve a latex fetish:

Like I say, this is a movie worth watching purely for the odd bits. Being a musician, I was particularly amused to see the row of guitar stomp boxes the scientists were using to mangle the sound fed to Shimika’s girlfriend Kiku’s ears.

Did I just mention sound? The soundtrack’s quite good too, gives the right atmosphere to the film.
Anyhow, if you like odd movies, Rubber’s Lover is definitely worth watching.

Nuff Said.

Rubber’s Lover (trailer)


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