Big, Little, the Cow, and the Moon.

Hello Everyone,

My story ‘Big, Little, the Cow, and the Moon’ has just been published in ‘Jake’s Monthly (Part 6) Bizarro Anthology’.

I love the cover art.  It makes me think of eating watermelon.

Here’s what publisher Jake Johnson says about the Anthology:

“Welcome to Jake’s Monthly. This literary voyage into the obscure and the bizarre is celebrating its six-month anniversary with Bizarro, a literary movement dedicated to the strangest and most entertaining stories possible.

This volume is intended for people who want a change of pace, an injection of unadulterated, nonsensical fun in their lives, and high-quality stories that they won’t find anywhere else.

These stories contain an ammunition-wearing cow, a horse whisperer, a potato cult, drugs, marriage, murder, surgery, multiple exploding men and Trixie the lap dancer. ”

Nuff Said Everyone.

You can buy it here.  It’s only 99 cents.


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