My 2 Favorite books of 2011

1. Cows by Matt Stokoe. 

I know this was released ages ago, but I just read it. Fantastic book. Okay it is exceptionally mad, but what saves it from being trivia is the fact he writes it seriously, not as disposable fiction.

Cows everyone. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.  Best fiction I read last year, bar none.

2. Lost in Cat Brain Land by Cameron Pierce.

A great collection of Weirrrd short stories. No one does it like Cameron does.


I read both these books twice last year.

To rank a book as mediocre, average, good, or fantastic, I ask myself a simple question: would I read it again simply for the feeling it gives me?
Sadly, I’ve read few books which fit that category. Both these two do however. I’d read either again just to kill time if I was bored.


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