DOGTOOTH, or how to really make your family dysfunctional.

Recently I watched Dogtooth, a movie by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos.

Now, consider what would happen if your dad had told that a zombie is a flower and your mum explained in all seriousness that a c*nt is a lampshade.

Yeah, and you mustn’t forget when you learned passenger airplanes fall into your garden and can be kept on the mantelpiece. And how about the day you found out the domestic cat is the most dangerous animal on the planet?

If this makes no sense to you, you’re beginning to get the point.

When I read the review on this movie I wasn’t really expecting a huge deal from watching it, least of all what it turned out to be, which is mega-incredible.

I doubt ANYTHING you’ve ever watched has prepared you for what you’re about to see here.

Dogtooth everyone. Just when you thought you’d seen it all with Visitor Q, it got odder, much odder . . . and that’s saying quite a lot.

Believe the Hype.

[P.S. I found out about this film on, which is a good place to discover Independent and non-English language movies. Not necessarily Bizarro, but generally unusual.]


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