Month: September 2011

INVASION OF THE ASS CHICKENS (2nd Edition) now up for the download!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just finished and uploaded an ‘updated’ 2nd Edition of ‘Invasion of the Ass Chickens’.

What happened was, while browsing through the previous edition, I discovered a few punctuation and spelling errors, stuff I’d overlooked during my rewrites because I was too familiar with the book. 

I decided to correct those, and next thing I know, it snowballed into me ‘fixing’ loads of things I was perfectly okay with eight months ago.  I found myself rewriting whole paragraphs, descriptions, conversations etc. 

It’s hard to leave well enough alone, I guess.  But I’ve finally got it done.  Whew!

It’s exactly the same story.  I’ve just made it much ‘smoother’ reading now.

So click on over to the download page everyone.  It’s free!

Have fun and lovely day!